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Learn English by making funny short stories!


Why making short notes or stories helps us with learning languages?

Twitter(or X, for now) has a reasonable limit on the number of characters you can use in a single post. This limitation can seem annoying at times, but it also encourages you to be more concise rather than being painfully long, which means it can be a helpful way to practice writing in a language you are learning.

My Characters

🧑🏽 Human
A quite average human you can see everywhere.
🐱 Cat
An arrogant, mischievous, capricious cat who loves the canned-food from the famous cat-food brand "Monpechi". He often calls Human "Can-opener".
🐶 Dog
A timid but kind-hearted energetic dog who always barks "Wonderful!" for small reasons.
🐥 Bird
A smart, knowledgeable, polite chick whose dream is to become the next Twitter bird someday.

My Stories in tweeting

You can check my tweets out at here:


Typically, I make a short conversation like this, which perfectly fits the character limit of it.

🐱You got a nerve calling me "arrogant", Human?
🧑🏽Um, that's because...😨
🐶That's wonderful, Cat!
🐱What? You, damn dog!
🐥Cat-san, I believe he also used the word "capricious" for you, that means a good thing!
🐱Oh? Okay, fine then I guess.
🧑🏽(Thanks, Bird! 😅)
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