2010年~2011年 年末年始企画

Mystic Balloon Tactical Hints (taste light)
2010 - 2011 The end of the year and beginning of the year project

English Translation


The english translation is now completed. A part of the sentences are written with considering some advice from the others; please note that this is nothing but just a hobby.

*続編『みすてぃっく☆ばる~ん ver. Circus』についての情報は今のところ扱っていません。

It don't deal with the sequel "Mystic Balloon ver.Circus" for now.


What is Mystic Balloon?


Mystic Balloon is a japanese puzzle game made by Domino(a handle name), and Matajurou. It looks very cute, but in the fact, it's a genuine puzzle with toughness.

綿水雲 -わたもずく-

The author's web site:
Domino Base


"A puzzle" - You may feel a little bit hard to play at the first? But in this game, you may not have such feelings. This game is well-designed to be easy to play, with its colorful graphics and an action-game-like controls. (Basically, it's a pure puzzle, but has a few actions like turning direction in skating on ice.)


Despite its fantastic looking, its completeness and massiveness is enough to amuse adults to the full. If you begun it, you would instantly find it a deep puzzle game that is tough to deal with.


Before Your Challenge


By pushing H key, in the stage selection, you can see a slight hint(in japanese though...) and the difficulty of that stage as stars. Becoming more than three stars means that the stage is more hard, so it's might be better that you would skip that stage if you don't have a confident; you needn't clear all stages merely to get to the ending.


A puzzle should be solved by yourself, I think, so I tried to make the hints quite light. I, however, have included big points into the text so that you can clear the stages because it would be the stress on you if you couldn't beat a stage even looked at a hint. Please refer to it when you have heavy difficulties to solving.


And there is one more thing I want to tell you: Please do not keep your eyes on the monitor whenever you have a strong difficulty with a stage to clear. That's not only bad for your health but also inappropriate way to think. In a confused brain, we humans less flashs of wit. If the situation happens to go like that, I recommend you to leave your monitor for a while, have some milk to calm yourself, and retry it again.


Tactical Hints


Basic Area

Stage-01 ★

Come on, your challenge begins here!

Stage-02 ★

She's very light, so it's no problem to fall from terrible high.

Stage-03 ★

Searching for the correct route. There are many stages like this.

Stage-04 ★

A wonderful blue apple in front of you. Okay, jump and eat! :b It's a bit difficult thing that the usage of the spring on left side, but it's the only beginning.


In the beginning, try various controls and learn the "habits" and the variations of it.


Ice Area

Stage-05 ★

This is the stage that you could get used to skating on ice.

Stage-06 ★★

I had a trouble here... Landing on the ice by leaping horizontally, you would slip and start skating. But, leaping from the top of a balloon, you wouldn't slip. That forces the leaping to the vertical falling.

In addition, this is also important thing that you can turn in the middle of falling or skating.

Stage-07 ★★★

Manage to fetch the spring at the upper left and jump to the brilliant apple. The right-side balloon on the cloud can be scaffolding by dropping it into its just below.

Stage-08 ★★★

The point in this stage is the usage of the valuable cloud.


Elimination is the basic way of thinking. When you lift some up (i.e. a balloon, or a spring), your movable space is limited. So, the objects are quite often used by its around. But please remember that the objects very often able to go down.


Conveyor Area

Stage-09 ★
梯子を昇り降りしている体勢でも Shift+←→キーで左右を向ける操作を覚えましょう。

The conveyor belts enter the stages, that you probably would have so many struggle... In addition, in the senior stages, it's much serious control that you can still turn right and left with Shift in a posture climbing ladders.

Stage-10 ★★

The stages become more difficult little by little. But it's the still opening, you should better not to think too much, you should better to move about and get used to it.

Stage-11 ★★

You would be able to get the ending if you feel this stage is easy.

Stage-12 ★★★★

Fairly hard stage than it looks. You would ouched if you make light of the stage. (I ouched) Anyway, you will go through an unexpected route. First of all, think of the way that you drop a balloon into the beside of the key.


Item Area (A)

Stage-13 ★

You can put an object on the top of an item.

Stage-14 ★★★★★

So difficult! This is a wonderful work isn't it? In this stage, an important point is how you effectively use the key of the bottom of the ravine. All of the clouds disappear when you all done well. In my case, the left above balloon was a just obstacle. The left spring placed at the subtle position was used in the left room, in my case.

Stage-15 ★★★★

It has four stars. But, alright, it's easy than you think. Have you got patient with a nice apple before your eyes? =D

Stage-16 ★★★

It's essential that putting balloons on apples. To get the right end apple which is greatly kept, you need the spring.


Domino Area 1

Stage-17 ★★

Let's carry a balloon to upward. A balloon is somehow heavy...anyway. When a spring is just under ladder, you can use it by the down key.

Stage-18 ★★★

Interesting stage that have various patterns you can choose. You can ignore the left above balloon at all. Putting a spring onto an apple makes everything easier; but, however, if you rashly ate the apple you could still clear the stage by using the balloons of the left above, and the top of the cloud.

Stage-19 ★★★

Processes and route are needed in this stage. You will re-use the technique which is used at the 12. In the room of the left below, don't get excited and dive into the apples. =)

Stage-20 ★★★★

It looks like a character or something. So, I have misunderstood it as some kind of "Bonus Stage" but, what the heck, is really tough! This stage's point is firstly you would put the left-side balloon into the pothole in order to carry the balloons to right and left.


By the way, do you think the Magic Lifting is a real magic? She doesn't use magics except that one. Amazing fact, she lift them up by her strength!?


Matajurou Area 1

Stage-21 ★★

Wow, the balloons are coming down! You shouldn't think so much in this stage.

Stage-22 ★★★

Not so difficult one if you think well and go.

Stage-23 ★★

Thousands of cloud. Here, this is the bonus! =)

Stage-24 ★★★

Quite bit difficult. Not the doors are riding the clouds. The usage of the ladder is also very important.


Barrier Area 1

Stage-25 ★★

From this stage on, the barriers come.

Stage-26 ★★★

When a barrier faded out the object which is on it will begin to fall down. Let's try without thinking much!

Stage-27 ★★

So dangerous "Die Hard" stage, in where your way behind just shut off one after another. You would have to choose the two keys among three, and finally then, obtain the last one. How dramtic...

Stage-28 ★★★★

According to the number of stars, this stage may has a mistake in design? Why, you can clear it as you leave the greater part of balloons rest there.


In personal feeling, I think that there is a easy stage for 4-star, and there is a no-easy stage for 2-star in its own way. Yes, the amount of stars is rather arbitrary.


Timing Area

Stage-29 ★★

Oh my god, this is the true "Die Hard" stage...! It's like an action-related area, where you need to use a short time until the objects fall on.

Stage-30 ★★★★

THE DEVIL STAGE. I personally think it is six-starred.

To begin with, you must successfully perform a feat that you jumps into the space between the two balloons immediately falling down once it starts. Wait a second, there is a matter to be attended to: when you jumps into you have to keep the right key pressed till you are sure you are in the space. (I failed it over 30 times without noticing this trick...)

But in reality, the nightmare will start from here. The devil puzzle will confront you, who are delighting in the space between the two balloons. A difficult puzzle just after a difficult action... the creator of this stage must be a devil.

The point in this stage is opening a pit by carrying a spring to the top of the spring which is placed in the right-bottom of the key. And, you fall the pit one time, and... it may annoy you but you have to fill in the pit in order to clear this stage.

Stage-31 ★★★

This is the stage that you should venture to step into between two falling objects. This timing is not difficult.

Stage-32 ★★

It's the stage that you would stop by the falling object. Now I don't know whether it is a puzzle or an action. The timing is easy. (a clue)


Domino Area 2

Stage-33 ★★★★★

A stage with five-stars came on. As a full-stars it's an elaborate one. The point of the stage are, that a spring has been dropped down, and your final apple would be the right-above. Also, you need to turn your witch while skating on ice.

Stage-34 ★★

An intelligence test for monkeys. Collect the tempting apples by joyfully jumping after jumping like a monkey, with using your given table cleverly.

Stage-35 ★★★★

It's the stage that you would get the above key with an effort. The all(probably) balloons would be dropped down, and used; except the one in front of the conveyor. The first your better choice, is nicely keeping your scaffoldings of clouds, and dropping a spring into the right below of the clouds which is like a bowl.

Stage-36 ★★★

An applicational for the 32. You couldn't clear this so easily, even if you find out its process. The timing is most severe, awfully, for those who are bad at action games. By the way, there is no help for that she will slip on the ice, but, is also there no help for that she cannot even adjust a jumping...?!


Item Area (B)

Stage-37 ★★★

How do I say, it's a realistic stage. You needn't collect the apples to simply get through the stage. But I see, for you who have done well all the stages so far, will certainly collect all the apples by all means and step forward to the next stage.

Stage-38 ★★★★

You may think it has been made in author's desperation, but that's not at all. Here also you can get through it having some apples left and choosing two keys. It's a quite troublesome but yes, you can still clear the stage having the all apples and keys.

Stage-39 ★★★★

I've got make it as a first try ever I have tried! That's not so difficult while you were going your way right, but it would be deadlock if you were going to get the left-side key. You should use the on-skating-turn again.

Stage-40 ★★★★★

Quite a difficult stage, which is a strange stage that the six springs are sitting on a door, and which is also a hungry stage that you shouldn't get the apple. The point is in the starting. First, shutting the iron-barred using the spring on the cloud. Second, dropping the spring onto the conveyors and getting the key. And taking the spring to the bottom by jumping-about and removing the clouds.


It's nearing to the climax. There are many stages which puzzle you. Brace yourself, relax, and go.


Matajurou Area 2

Stage-41 ★★★

Titled as "Buckets Relay". You are needed an exact key-control by using the Shift. The point is, that thinking well how the stage would change after collecting the all apples, before started to move.

Stage-42 ★★★

There are some route you actually can't go along, that seems you could. So, I think it's rather hard. The all objects would fall down onto the places they should on. You would get the upper-side key by falling down, and then you would fall down with holding a spring.

Stage-43 ★★★

It's a stage like a pyramid, that has made it difficult that collecting the apples. You would take them in this order: below, above, center, right.

Stage-44 ★★★★

On this stage, you can feel as if you are working in an underground mine. This stage is difficult because there are lots of balloons you can use and roots seeming correct to goal but not. How do you use the left upper cloud, and how do you handle the barrier block below the cloud? In addition you could think of various ideas how you use the right upper spring so it's really troublesome. In conclusion, You will put a balloon on the cloud and it remains. The barrier block is just an obstacle and useless. There is the five balloons gathered in one place, you see, but unexpectedly you will use only one of them and move it just one place.


Inclusive Area

Stage-45 ★★★★★
まず、数少ない確定条件を探しましょう。扉は二段上ですので、ここには二つのオブジェを積むことが分かります。そしてここでよく考えてみると、二段目のオブジェを積むにはオブジェを持って雲から降りて落とすしかないことが分かります。右上で眠っているバルーンがいかにもそれです。(その左の雲上バルーンは直ぐに使えるので、りんごを集めるのに必要と考えます)すると、このバルーンを使うため、この雲も残しておく必要があります。では、りんごはどうやって取ったらいいのでしょうか? ここでようやく、一段目のオブジェにジャンプ台を持って来る、ということが判明します。そして、そのジャンプ台に降りるためにはもう一つバルーンが――という具合にゴール目前の状況から考えて行きます。

This stage is made to be difficult. It will be a bit long, but let's practice how to solve a stage. The locked door to the goal is placed on the line of two blocks above you, and furthermore an apple is placed upper the door. To eat the apple, it looks easy if you would fall down from the cloud. First of all, let's figure it out that the conditions which seems definitely sure. Naturally found, we should put two objects in front of the door because it's two blocks above. And, with well-considering at here, to put the upper object of the two, it's the only possible way that you fall down from the cloud with holding a balloon. The sleeping balloon at the right above is may be it. (the balloon on the top of the cloud is available to use without much trouble so we think that it is needed to collect apples) Therefore we should keep the cloud to be for later use of the sleeping balloon. Then, how could we get that apple? At very length, it becomes clear that we will use a spring for the under object of the two. And to get onto that spring, we need one more balloon-- like this we start thinking from the situation in which is just before you can goal.

Stage-46 ★★★

It's a fearful stage with full of iron-barred. Get the key and the apples craftily, and escape from prison. Trial and error.

Stage-47 ★★★★

This is the stage that you shouldn't be floated by conveyors when you have got the all apples. Once moving the spring to the right-side and carrying the right-upper balloon to the left-side, that's the point in this stage.

Stage-48 ★★★★★

A lot of objects are sitting on a barrier. Here, without much thinking, you could get it through using the trial & error tactics. Re-build the left-side cloud's scaffolding by piling the balloons up, that's the point. And, you should do a little action that avoiding a falling spring.


Final Area

Stage-49 ★★★★

At long last, we are at the final area! This stage's point is the saving the cloud by using the right above balloon (before dropping it) to get the spring. There are two occasions of the spring-jump-stopping. (when you jump on a spring, if your head immediately bump against an obstacle, that jump will stop) The second time is, wow, in a posture holding up a balloon!

Stage-50 ★★★★★

You beat this stage and can get the ending! :) If you couldn't beat, you couldn't get the ending. So I would describe this stage's point in detail. Getting the apple of the right above your head will be last in order to get the key several blocks ahead. In the lefthand of the map, there're four tricky balloons gathered; eventually, you will fall down the three of them and make them the scaffoldings. You will need to rearrange the scaffoldings craftily. Also, to get the saved apple, you will have to use the technique that shutting the iron-barred in advance.


Bonus Area

Stage-51 ★★★★

Ugh, what's this funny looking character...? Is it Doraemon, which is the famous anime character from Japan? These are the bonus stages that you can play after clearing all 50 stages. The point of this stage is enjoying the funny and the awesome music.

Stage-52 ★★★

Enjoy the brilliant jump the funny perform!

Stage-53 ★★★★

Enjoy the ears and the tail while the funny is climbing ladders!

Stage-54 ★★★★★

Enjoy the funny making mysterious ray from it's eyes!

Stage-55 ★

Congratulation, we are here - ALL CLEAR.




I wrote these tactics hints for someone else struggling with the game, but it was also for myself because I was motivated to want to clear the stages. There were a number of stages I had much trouble even though I was sure I had gotten used to control my witch. I think I've not cleared even all the stages if I was just playing the game aimlessly.


I've seen some puzzle games till now, but Mystic Balloon is definitely the best work among those. It was a fortunate thing to me to come across this fantastic, real puzzle game. I think I will try the various kind of puzzle games from now on.


(This article is already reported to the game's author.)



Links to another sites related to Mystic Baloon. (for Japanese so far though...)

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  • みすてぃっく☆ばる~ん 投稿ステージ 名作集
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  • Domino Base
    The official site, where you can download it, discuss about it, and also upload your own stages.
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    Selecting good ones from the user-made stages, and adding helpful reviews on them. They are well organized by the difficulty, so you can easily find out a stage/stage-creator that fit to your capability.
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    Playing and beating off the user-made stages very eagerly. For some stages it gives a concrete example and illustrates how you can get to the goal of a stage, so it's highly recommended that you choice a stage among them to play to prevent yourself from being stacked.
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Stages By Me

このゲームには自分でステージを作成できるエディタが付いています。調子に乗っていくつか作ってみました(^^ 難しさよりはテーマ性ありきのステージ作りです。

The stage editor bundled with the software allows you newly to create your own stages. Being carried away, I made some of funny stages on my own. I prefer the ones thema-based to the difficult ones.


There are several special techniques that you never see in the official 55 stages, such as catching an object that is in the middle of falling, but the stages here all are solvable using only simple controls used in the official stages.


Mysbal Stage Pack

りんごの木 ★★

Apple Tree
Let's harvest apples proficiently. I'm sorry I like apples too much.

氷上のバルリーナ ★★★

Balloorina on Ice
I made it to be rather difficult. Dance on ice beautifully, with holding a balloon in your arms.

喫茶ミスティア ★★

Cafe Mystia
This is the stage where its setting is that an outrageous witch makes a raid on a cafe. She is really violent. She snatchs the foods away from the cafe's customers, jumps on the top of tables, rush about wildly in the cafe. At last, she break into the kitchen and take possession of the cafe.

くもら叩き ★★

Kumora Hitting
Just like an arcade game, "Mogura-tataki"(a play that you hit dummy moles popping up one after another). It will never start unless you put it one coin, oh? Note that "Kumora" is: a word play that is the cross between Kumo(cloud) and Mogura(mole).

アパートみすばる荘 ★★★★

The Mysbal Apartment
It is made quite tough. Perhaps it may be a little dazzling. The witch, who is desperate with living in poverty, in this time rushes about in another person's room. She steals someone else's food, makes some holes in the ceiling and the floor... and finally extinguish the apartment completely.

ダーふにゃベイダー ★★★

Dar-ahchoo! Vader
It took much of time to get rid of another solutions. It looks like a face of someone who is such famous? Seems easy but not so - that's my ideal.

鉄腕頑丈娘 ★
怪力魔法使いミスティア。今日も主に腕力とタフネスですべてを解決する…! りんごに目が無いのがたまにきず。

A Strong Iron-Armed Girl
Mystia, a young witch who has fantastic strength, also today...settles everything mainly by means of her strong arms and extraordinary toughness...! Too loving apples is her only fault.

青の迷宮 ★★★★★★

Blue Labyrinth
This is the stage which I (half accidentally) pursued the difficulty of it. To beat it, you should use objects most efficiently!

The Fish ★★★

The Fish
I made this stage to commemorate that I had cleared pinas64(where is like a fish in a tank; very very hard!). You may easily find that I've illustrated something at the right-upper of the stage.

三階建て ★★★★

Three-Story House
It's rather difficult to imitate a plan of a house...

青のパズルメント ★★★★★

Blue Puzzlement
With keeping the map as simple as possible, how far a stage could be difficult...? I think that I've made an well-balanced, satisfactory piece of work.

Balloon in Balloon ★★★

Balloon in Balloon
I've started digging clouds. I want to make the cloud-digging, which is very hard, more fun by limiting movable space.

バルーン一周の旅 ★★★★

A Journey of A Balloon Going Around
There is a room at the center of the map. The idea of this stage is that you make a round of the room together with a balloon, who is the one we are always under the care of!

四つの時間 ★★★★★★★

Four Spaces
I tried to pursuit the difficulty of stages with the allocation of rooms. I think it has become a little dangerous in difficulty...

マキシマムガール ★★★

Maximum Girl
She says: "I am a girl who do all things at the maximum. When I step on that spring I feel I must jump into the highest level that I can reach. It's unforgivable that I will be easy to something. If the both side of the highest level were all obstacles, I would continue popping forever - I swear by God! Yes I do so, however it takes a long time and it has no meaning". Oh, our poor Mystia... This is an unreasonable stage in a way.

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