Octos Octopus

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Released: 28th January, 2012
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Octos Octopus

One day, an octopus was walking down the street, with a poor humming. His name is Octos, who came from the sea to enjoy watching the movie on his holiday. In his hands, or feet, he was holding something thin like a piece of paper. 
"It's nice day. "

When he arrived the theatre, the parent and child of human are in front of the ticket counter. The parent said. 
"One adult, and one child please. "
"It's eighteen handred yen. "
A female receptionist said. Octos thought - Hmmm, I've got enough five thousand yen, which was found on the sea, but it's an expensive entertainment - The two were getting in, and his turn came. 
"One adult, please. "
"eh? where is you. "
She couldn't see anybody there. Again, Octos is a common octopus, so as little as a cat. He jumped to showing him. 
"I'm here! "
"Oh, I see. You are an unusual visitor. "
"Yes, give me a ticket, please. "
"Are you perhaps an octopus? "
"Yes. "
"So, it's ninety-six handred yen. "
Heard this, he sprang up once more. 
"No! "
"Oh, you jumped higher than before. "
"That's too high! how do it will be such... "
"One adult is twelve handred yen, "
She started explanation. 
"and one child is its half, six handred yen. That's the basis for one ticket for all animals. And additionally, we have one more special rule. "
"What is the rule? "
"One bison is twice the basis, one triceratops is three times, and one octopus is eight times, because of that thire beginning words are bi-, tri-, oct-, respectively. "
At this, he really surprised. 
"Funny system! Do you have really expected that one day a triceratops would come and enjoy watching the movie in the world? "
"But an octopus has come. "
"I mean all triceratopses are no longer exist. "
"It's useless that complaining it to me, I'm just a receptionist. Do you buy or not? "
"I..., I've only five thousand... "
"So, you couldn't get a ticket. "
"How much for a child of it? "
"It's fourty-eight handred yen. "
"I'm a child. "
"No, you said you are an adult. "
"But actually I'm only two. "
"A good adult as an octopus. I'm sorry. "
In a disappointed, he left the counter and the theatre. 

A short later, A gentleman came, bought a ticket, and was going to in. The receptionist called him, feeling something different. 
"Excuse me, sir. May I ask a quesion? "
"Sure. "
The man replied in a calm voice. 
"What is on your head, a large, odd... "
"This? This is my hat. Is there any problem? "
He pointed his head and answered. 
"No, not at all. It's cool, isn't it.  "
"Thank you. "
He turned and was getting in. 
"That hat... "

Might you don't know, the octopuses are specialists on metamorphosing. After cleverly getting in the movie hall, he got off the man's head and said. 
"Thank you very much. "
"You are welcome. "
The man said, and added. 
"For your information, here we are expected to be quiet. "
"Okay, I got it. "
The man was goind down the stairs. Octos thought that male humans is very kind but females is spiteful. And, when he asked the man to do this trick, he wanted the man to take this five thousand yen but the man didn't. 

In the theatre, there are full of silent air, lots of humans sitting thire seats, and the bright screen which just now playing the film. He sat in the nearby seat at the last row, and realized that he couldn't see the screen because of the head of the human sitting in the front seat. So, he rode on the back of his seat. 

In the movie, a young male human is walking alone on the Mars. He is an astronaut whose task is investigating. Not so long time later, he caught the figure which is clearly some sort of a creature. He look at it through a telescope. 

Oh - Octos excited - Oh, that creature looks fairly like me. He began to interest in the story. But on the next scene, the man returned back to the spaceship in a hurry to report what he saw. It's getting bored thing. He left his seat. 

After a short time, he came back with a big cup of popcorn in his hands, or feet. He rode on the seat and began to eat the popcorn. The scene has quite changed. The young man was whispering love to the creature. 
"Your many long legs are so beautiful..."
"Thanks. But your hair is cool too. "
The creature, who is most likely a female, whispered back. She doesn't seem to be entirely unpleasant. 

What happend? - Octos wondered in his mind. The couple began to talk about himself, and herself. Octos was bored. He continued eating his popcorn as watching many heads of humans, and then his snack all went to his stomach. The two were still whispering to each other. Octos got feel bad - Is this because of the popcorn? - He left his seat. 

After a few minutes, he came back with a handkerchief in his hand, or foot. The scene was dramatically changed again. The two were just fighting. It was not a simple fight, in the fact, they were battling seriously. 

Just what happend! - He cried out in his mind. It seemed that he missed only the scenes which is very important. 

The man got out a gun and fired a laser-beam at the creature. She avoided it by teleporting quickly, and appeared the behind of the man looking around confusingly, stretched one of her arms to the man's leg and binded it up. The man got out something round and threw it into the creature, and rapidly cut off her arm with a large knife, and escaped. A big explosion happend around her. Cloud of dust spread all over. In it, the creature's figure gradually appeared, and her cut arm was beginning to re-grow up already. She said. 
"You are so nice fighter, man? "
"aha, you too. "
The man said back in a smile. 

What a silly movie! - Octos got angry, and left the hall. At this time, he had completely forgotten that. His eyes met hers when he was getting out of the theatre. Oh dear, that spite woman. 
"You, a hat doesn't walk! "
She shouted and poped out from the counter, like a popcorn. Octos broke away at once as if he was a rocket or something. 
"Wait! Be my today's dinner! "
She and her terrible voice followed him closely - Oh my God, she is going to treat me as a food - He dashed. Doing his best with his eight arms, or feet, he could run as fast as a horse. 

Eventually he could get away from her. He sat down the grass and sighed. 
"Ah, it was a so scare..."
He looked around and saw that here is a park. 
"Hey, look at that! "
"What, what is that? "
The children noticed him and was getting close to him. To be honest, I'm not good at playing with children. Quickly he started to run fast. 
"Wow, that's awsome speedy! "
"Is that a running UFO or something? "

After running about to escape, he was walking in a place he don't know at all. 
"Where is here? "
It seemed that he lost his way completely. He was very tired. As walking weakly along the side of a road, a white, clean, but compare smaller with the others, car stopped at the beside of him. 
"Hi, prety octy. What are you doing here? "
A female! - He was going to break away but couldn't, because the limit was getting clear little by little. Again he is an octopus, so he finally would die if he entirely dried out. 
"I...I've lost my way home, the sea. "
"Oh, poor octy! Okay, get in my car. I'll take you home. "
She opened the door. Octos hesitated but got into the car with a bet. 

Being in the running car was rather interesting to him. But at the same time, he was nervous too. 
"Where is it going to? A seafood restaurant, or your kitchen? "
"Oh, no. No way! "
She just got started to laugh out so loudly, enough to frighten him. 

A quite short later, the car stopped on a seaside road. She got off and opened his door, and said. 
"Here we are, I can see your home so well. I envy you. "
Octos got off too, looked around and realized. 
"Ah! here is the place I came from. "
"Really? That's excellent. "
"Thank you very much! Take this, please. "
He held out his five thousand yen. She surprised. 
"Oh! You are some wealthy octy, aren't you? But I can't take it. "
"Why? I know It's a valuable paper for humans. "
"Because this isn't a taxi. Good bye, my little octy. "
She got in the car, waved, and drove off. While watching the car off, Octos wondered - Why, that female was somehow kind - Looked at the money - And she didn't even take this too. 

When he arrived the bottom of the sea, he noticed that he had lost his money somewhere in his way. But he didn't care of it. He thought that if some day he found a new money he would come to see humans once again. 

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